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MODIS / Aqua Chesapeake Bay Products

The MODIS/Aqua NIR ocean color products are derived by using the NASA L2gen SeaDAS codes based on Near-Infrared (NIR) atmospheric correction algorithm. The products include chlorophyll concentration and remote sensing reflectance at 667 nm.

Remote sensing reflectances (Rrs 665, 667 or 670 nm) provide a proxy for the suspended sediments in surface waters.

Daily Mean (w/Granules)  |  Monthly Mean

Remote Sensing Reflectance at 667 nm: Daily
Chesapeake Bay (CY)
PdailyMean_ModisAquaCYRrs667 Day 0
PdailyMean_ModisAquaCYRrs667 Day 1
PdailyMean_ModisAquaCYRrs667 Day 2