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NOAA's Operational Ocean Color Products:
Additional Information

OSPO Ocean Color Team

Lead: Banghua Yan
System programmers: Dan Jacob and Ian Simpson
GUI monitor tool: Dan Jacob, Ian Simpson, and Derek Vanpelt
Web-based QA monitor tool: Dan Jacob, Edmond Rodriguez, Fengying Sun, XiaoChuan Huang, Shen Zhao and and Ian Simpson

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Acknowledgement: the QA monitoring tool project for CoastWatch Okeanos operational ocean color products was initiated in 2012 and led by Banghua Yan. Key members for the QA tool development include Dan Jacob, Edmond Rodriguez, Derek Van Pelt, Fengying Sun, Ian Simpson, Sterling Spangler, and Sean McIlvain. Edmond Rodriguez, Dan Jacob, and Fengying Sun were instrumental in the development of the Sections for imagery and statistics of ocean color products and the development of the web-based QA tool for system and product availability monitoring respectively. Ian Simpson provided key contributions to the functional design of both the GUI and the web-based QA tools for system and product availability monitoring. Sterling Spangler and Sean McIlvain contributed to the development of the monitoring tool's web pages. In addition to the efforts of the members above, Nancy Merckle provided assistance in assuring the web-based QA tool complied with NOAA web design requirements. Limin Zhao and Zhaohui Cheng shared key information of their prior work with GUI and web-based QA tools which significantly reduced the effort required for the development of the Okeanos QA tool. Zhaohui Cheng also provided assistance in ensuring the QA tool complied with all ESPC coding standards. Sathyadev Ramachandran in the STAR provided assistance in reading ocean color products as well as validating statistical results of the products.

Additional contributors include: STAR CoastWatch Team for Okeanos ocean color operational products integrated processing code development; NASA's Ocean Biology Processing Group for NASA L2gen Near Infrared (NIR) Algorithm; M. Wang for NOAA Multiple Sensor Level (MSL)-12 Algorithm; C. Brown for Ehux and Calcite Algorithm; I. Belkin for MODIS/VIIRS Chlorophyll Front Algorithm.'